4A Day – Fitness Frenzy

Today was our very first 4A Day of the year and it was a blast! Students created costumes, banners, and spirited chants for the day. We got to do all kind of athletic-themed rotations including a coconut relay and Limbo! I am exhausted from all of the fun and cannot wait for our next 4A Day! Keep checking the website for details of our next big event!IMG_0033 IMG_0125 IMG_0223 IMG_9985

Stories from the Classroom – First Grade Scientists

First grade learned about the scientific method this week. They have learned how to formulate questions and make hypothesis. Today, they were able to conduct an experiment using milk, food coloring, and dish soap. The students created an awesome chemical reaction with a beautiful explosion of colors. They were very excited to record their results and a conclusion in their interactive notebooks. IMG_2310 IMG_2318