Happy 100th Day of School!

First grade blew the adorable meter right off the charts today! To celebrate being 100 days smarter, first dressed up like they were 100 years old. There was a lot of baby powder, gray beards, canes, suspenders and flannels around Pinnacle today. Not only are we 100 days smarter, we are 100 times stronger – we did sets of 10 exercises to add up to 100, we have to keep up our strength in our old age.

The Station at Pinnacle Pointe

Photo 1-3During the Station each week, students are introduced to various character traits that support Pinnacle Pointe Academy’s “Leave Your Mark” character education initiative. To help reinforce these positive character traits, STUGO created a colorful character education anchor chart to our cafe this week. This chart helps to remind students the importance of courage, self respect, motivation and gratitude. The chart will be updated throughout the year to include other character traits and will be a helpful reminder to students to always “Leave Your Mark!”

Stories from the Classroom: 4th grade Bread

Photo 1

This week, fourth graders read “The Case of the Gasping Garbage” – a story about a kid that thought some yeast in a garbage can was a monster! Not only did they enjoy the story, but they learned that yeast is used to make bread fluffy and delicious. On Friday, the fourth grade classes got to watch a loaf of bread bake during class and afterwards, the students were able to eat their tasty creation…yum

Stories from the Classroom: Science & Technology in 4th Grade

IMG_4942Our fabulous fourth graders have been learning about electricity and electrical circuits this week. Today, Mr. Griggs, an electrical engineering student at Arizona State University, gave a presentation to the students. The presentation covered open and closed circuits, and how magnetism and electricity are related. The kids were able to explore circuits using a battery and LED lights that Mr. Griggs brought in. He also showed them some really exciting circuits that he had made.  The students really enjoyed the presentation and had blast making their own electricity.