Third Grade Prairie Day

Today, both third grade classes concluded their book study of Little House on the Prairie by have a Prairie Day!  The students were able to dress up like the Ingalls Family, and they made bonnets and button necklaces.  The students also experienced elements of life on the prairie by making homemade butter and playing prairie games!

Drum roll please…..

Photo 1 (3)The winner of our Earth Day t-shirt design contest is Patricia! Congratulations!!
T-shirts are on sale in the cafe all week from 7:30am-7:55am for $10. All of these sales will go towards purchasing our tree for our Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony.
Students may wear their Earth Day shirts all week and from here on out they can be worn as spirit shirts on Fridays!

6th Grade Dissections

Our 6th graders have studied the anatomy of humans, worms, grasshoppers, crayfish, and frogs. This week they finally got to see for themselves what truly is on the inside of these creatures through dissection! What amazing discoveries they made. Meanwhile some students are now aspiring to be surgeons!

Lunch with the Vice Principal

Photo 1In ’N’ Out anyone?  Yes, please!  We had such a great time chatting and eating our lunch together.  These fifth grade boys are full of exciting stories.  Mrs. Lucas had an amazing time enjoying lunch with these nice boys and we discovered that “animal style” fries are pretty amazing. Thanks for having lunch with me!