Veteran’s Day Assembly

Pinnacle Pointe Academy will hold a Veteran’s Day Assembly on Friday (11/10) at 9:30am.

All parents, guardians, and family members are welcomed to attend our Veteran’s Day Assembly.  Several classes will participate in the assembly honoring veterans through songs, poems, and presentations.  Pinnacle will be holding a 4th-6th grade essay contest and the winning essay will be announced and read during the assembly.

Students are welcomed to dress in patriotic attire on Friday 11/10.

Hands On Math

Our sixth graders worked on a fun group math project. They applied the concepts of mean, median, mode, and range to complete a multi-step real world project that involved counting skittles and gathering data from several groups of students. At the end, they created a graph to record the information they gathered. It was fun to see them focus so intensely and work cooperatively to gather data while working with candy!