Sixth Grade Adventure: Day 3

Unfortunately, our adventure had to come to an end but not before we crammed in as much fun as possible! We woke up extra early in hopes of seeing the sunrise over a gorgeous hike in the mountains. Although it was a bit too foggy to see the clouds, the hike was still beautiful!

IMG_0493 2.jpgIMG_0497 2.jpgIMG_0498 2.jpgIMG_0499 2.jpg

After cleaning out our dorms and another fantastic breakfast, we set off on another hike over the canyon. In addition to learning all about the flowers and animals of the area we also discovered that the camp was actually used for filming portions of Jurassic World! If you look closely on the beach, you can even see our new friend, Mike Bison, taking a stroll!

IMG_0506.jpgIMG_0517 3.jpg

It has truly been an incredible adventure! Thank you, so much to the staff of Catalina Island Marine Institute for having us! We will miss the relaxing ocean, gorgeous landscape, and all of the awesome activities but we are excited to come back home to our families. See you soon, Panthers!

6th Grade Adventure: Day 2

Food at camp has been delicious and the best part about it is the All-You-Can-Eat style of every meal! Obviously, our kiddos are taking full advantage of this!


We hit the ground running with labs studying sharks, algae, and fish. This included creating our own algae press to take home with us and interacting with marine life.

IMG_0473 2.jpgIMG_0478 2.jpg

After another fantastic meal we went to our second snorkel and even got to do some free swim off the dock! Thank goodness for the wetsuits because that water is cold! We ended the evening with some rock climbing, music, and roasting of marshmallows on the beach!

IMG_0481 2.jpgIMG_0485.jpgIMG_0488.jpg

6th Grade Adventure: Day 1

On Day 1 of our adventure, we started out very early in the morning for California. We watched a few movies on the incredibly comfortable charter bus and slept most of the way!


We then arrived and hopped onto The Catalina King, our vessel which would ferry us to our destination!

IMG_0462 2.jpgIMG_0458 2.jpg

Upon arrival we were instantly welcomed by the staff of the Catalina Island Marine Institute and made ourselves at home in the dorms!

IMG_0465 2.jpgIMG_0466 2.jpg
IMG_0468 2.jpg

Once we were settled, we got to do our very first snorkel, eat an incredible dinner, and went on an Astronomy hike in the evening. Whew what in incredible and exhausting day!