Learn-A-Thon Winners

On Friday, April 28th, Pinnacle’s Learn-a-Thon winners were treated to a special field trip. Theses students, in grades Kindergarten through Sixth, logged the most minutes in Science study during our Compass Week. These students spent extra time outside of school learning about different branches of Science through reading, trips to the zoo, cooking, and watching shows. These future scientists were treated to a special trip to Barnes and Noble and lunch at Chili’s!


PPA will be hosting our Science Fair this Thursday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm! The students have been working so hard on their projects and they can’t wait to show them off on Thursday night! Come on by and learn all about what your kiddos have been learning and have a sweet treat! Hope to see you there!!!


Generous Panthers!

Panthers, we are so incredibly proud of you! Thank you so much for your generous donations over the last week! All of the money you donated is going to go to Heifer International, a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities! Over the last week, you’ve raised hundreds of dollars to help out, we are so proud of you!


Compass Week Finale

What an amazing week it has been! We have learned so much this week about many different countries! It has been great learning all of the different languages and hearing everybody saying hi to each other in many languages! We have learned about notable people, notable places, school life, and all the different foods and cultures around the world. We ended the week with such a fun, but slightly chilly..ok downright brrrrrr cold, parade! We want to thank all of the parents and families that donated their time this week, not only in the classroom, but with our Tour Around the World! Thank you so much for helping make our events such a success, we couldn’t do what we do without you!