There was a Panther who had a Family Night and B-I-N-G-O was its Name-o!

Come join us for our first ever Family Bingo Night on Friday, March 8, 2019 at 5:30pm! This event is free and open to the community so bring your friends, family, and neighbors! There will be all kinds of family-fun prizes so I will be sporting my lucky BINGO hat just in case!

Ink daubers ($2) and snacks will be available for purchase with cash! I cannot wait to see you all there!


Family Talent Night

Friday we ended our second Panther Week of the year, Talent Week, with awards and performances from our faculty! We had Color Guard, art skills, dancing, and jump roping performed for the students! Great job, Panther Teachers!


In the evening we had our first ever Family Talent Night. Thank you all for coming to join us as we showcased our students and families! We had some incredible performances from singing and dancing to comedy. I truly love enjoying these wonderful family events together!


Talent Week

Each day this week, we have had Panther performers showcasing their Best Dance, Best Talent, Best Voice, and Best Lip Sync. We even had the winners from North Pointe’s Reality Showcase perform each day for the students! Thank you for joining us Falcons!


Remember to join us tomorrow at 5:30pm for our Family Talent Night where individual students will be performing their acts from the week and families will be able to perform together! We will see you there!

Sprit Week- Day 5: The Nineties were Noteworthy!

It was so hard to choose between my “I love N’Sync” and Lisa Frank shirt but I suffered through the tough decision for our last day of Spirit Week! I loved seeing all of the Panthers decked out in their greatest 90’s attire throughout the day.

We ended our Spirit Week with some amazing events, including a Staff v. Student Kickball Game (Teachers won!), Awards for the Teams, and our evening family event, Block Party!

Thank you to all of the students, staff, and families that made our Block Party such a success! I would like to add an extra “thank you” to the families for all those donations. Whether they were cupcakes, pumpkins, or your valuable time, our event would not have been the incredible success it was without your support. Make sure to check the website for all of the photos from Spirit Week!