Any Day you get to Wear Pajamas to Work is an Extra Great Day!

Thank you again for tuning in to my first ever Sleepy Panther event the other night! It was so much fun reading with you guys and I cannot wait for our next book in September. If you missed it and want to check it out, click here!

Here are some amazing pajama pictures from some of our incredible families during the event! Thanks for sharing the pictures Lydia, Cyrus, and Lucy! Those are some pretty fabulous pajamas!



There will always be a secret message at the end of each of the Sleepy Panther events and this one included a comfy pajama dress down day (one of my all time favorite kinds of dress down days… even in 100 plus degree weather)! Thank you again for dressing up with me, Panthers!


Tea Time

Last week, our Starting Pointe preschoolers learned all about proper etiquette! The informative week was culminated with a formal “tea” party featuring a special guest, Alice (visiting from Wonderland). Thank you for coming to visit us, Alice and remember kiddos, “Napkins on the lap and pinkies up!”

I would also like to say a special “thank you” to our 6th grade volunteer, Ryleigh, who helped support the kiddos at their event!


Preschool Principals

Today, I got to visit our preschoolers to share the responsibilities of being an elementary school principal! They all became official principals with lanyards and formal “Principal” ID badges! The students have had all kinds of visitors in the morning and afternoon to share their own careers including a teacher, artist, and postal worker.


If you would like to volunteer and share your own occupation with our Starting Pointe kiddos, please contact the front office or email the preschool director, Mrs. Kopa (