Bread Anyone?

Fourth graders in Ms. Wade’s reading class recently read “The Case of the Gasping Garbage” – a story about a kid that thought some yeast in a garbage can was a monster! Not only did students enjoy the story, but they learned that yeast is used to make bread fluffy and delicious. On Friday, the fourth graders investigated yeast under a microscope, got to watch a loaf of bread bake during class and afterwards, students enjoyed their tasty creation…yum!

Happy 100th Day of School!

Today was kind of a big deal here at Pinnacle! We celebrated the fact that we are now 100 days smarter! Our kinder and first grade classes flooded the campus with baby powder, canes, and sweaters, just look at all that cuteness! Our quick little kiddos were not so quick today, they stayed in character all day, slowly making their way around campus! First grade used their 100 days of learning to use a hundreds chart to make a delicious snack out of 100 yummy treats! How fun!

Pinnacle’s Very Own Wax Museum

6th grade has been learning about the Middle Ages.  They completed a Wax Museum Report on a historical person from this time period. They dressed up as the historical person from their report and posed as them like a Wax Museum figure while their report is displayed by them to read. All of our Panthers had the opportunity to check out the Wax Museum and learn about some of these historical people.

Fourth Grade Zoo Field Trip!

Last week, fourth graders in Ms. Wade’s class went on an exciting field trip to the Wildlife World Zoo! After completing our unit on Animals in science, everyone had fun seeing all of the reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians and fish in real life. Students also had the opportunity to feed several animals, including giraffes, ducks, parrots and stingrays. Everyone had a great time!

Diabetes Awareness

November is diabetes awareness month and Nov 14th is world diabetes day. Today Mrs. Mallette’s third graders all wore

 blue to support their classmate and they learned about the signs and symptoms to look for with Type One Diabetes. Then they played a game where they read and named symptoms of Type One to raise awareness. They won blue shoe laces. Spreading awareness can save other students and their siblings or friends from getting sick, remember knowledge is key!

Happy Veterans Day!

All of our staff and students at Pinnacle Pointe Academy put on an incredible assembly honoring veterans! We had an amazing photo gallery highlighting Veterans from our Pinnacle Family. Our Panther artist’s have also created beautiful masterpieces to honor our Veterans.  On behalf of the entire Pinnacle family, we want to say a very special thank you to all of your service, commitment and protection.

6th graders followed the Yellow Brick Road…. To the Prep!

On Friday, 11/4, the 6th grade classes from Pinnacle and Canyon followed the Yellow Brick Road to the Prep to watch the Junior High’s production of the Wizard of Oz!  This matinee allowed our sixth graders to witness just one of the incredible opportunities, like theatre, offered at North Pointe Prep!