Library…Coming Soon to a PPA Near You!

We are working on creating a library at Pinnacle Pointe for next year and would love some help from our amazing families! We would appreciate book donations from a variety of genres and reading levels (including audio books/cd sets). We will even have an area for teachers to checkout movies for their classes if you have any DVDs you would be interested in sharing with the school! We are so excited for this project and cannot wait for the final product in the Fall!

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.34.35 PM.png

Field Day was Fantastic!

Our Field Day on Friday was absolutely fantastic! Students got completely soaked as they rotated through different stations including a giant water slide and relay races. We even had some athletic art available for kiddos to enjoy and create while they took a break between water events!

I would also like to say an extra “Thank you” to our amazing parent volunteers that helped to make our day such a success! Thank you for continuing to help make Pinnacle the incredibly place it is with your continued volunteerism and support!

Oh my, Cabbage!

In the beginning of the year, third grade students each received a beautiful baby cabbage plant to take home and grow. We had a competition to see who’s cabbages would be the largest by the end of the year and Ava was the winner! Those are some beautiful cabbages! When asked what she would like for a prize, she chose to enjoy some yummy lunch with me and a friend (Morgan)! Thanks for joining me, Ladies!